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How can I participate in drag180?

It is simple to get into Drag180, all you need is a Dirtbike, ATV, or UTV and the protective gear required to race which are a SNELL M2020 rated full face helmet, Goggles or windscreen, long sleeve shirt, long pants, steel toe over the ankle boots or motocross boots, gloves. We recommend a chest protector on motorcycles and atvs. A hans device, proper certified roll cage, and 5 point harness required in UTVs. Tethers are required on all ATVs.

pro mc, pro atv, & pro UTV

Professional Classes have no limits on Engine Size, Aspiration, Wheel Size, Tire Size, Frame Type, or Suspension. The only limitation is the vehicle MUST only race on gasoline, can be VP C-12, MR6, etc. No alcohol, methanol, or other fuels. Racers must look professional and have matching race apparel, only 1 mechanic allowed on the line prior to start, and mechanic must have collared shirt, back packs are allowed. All Pro classes will be racing for payout and award.

Amatuer classes

All amateur classes must follow the same safety protocol as Pro Classes. Amateurs will race for awards, but no cash. Once Amateur racers move to a Pro Class, they cannot move back.

How can I sign up?

Sign ups must be made online by going here: